Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions

“Although expensive, Authentic Alphonsos Mangos are Very Delicate and Perishable”

Buyer's Responsibility :

1. Raw Mangos are to be kept in Warm and Ventilated environment so that the ripening process continues smoothly. (Can be kept in the same box it was shipped in)

2. Ripened mangos are to be kept in good ventilation and cool places. Best to refrigerate.

3. Once Purchased, it is Buyer’s responsibility to inspect the Mangos at least once in 24 hrs., to see if any of the mangos are starting to rot. If yes, then cut off the affected part of the mango and use the remaining part of that mango at the earliest.

Weight Loss in Mangoes :

Gradation & Sorting of Mangos is done at the time of Harvest.

On an average Mangos lose 1% of its weight every day from the day of Harvest

A fully Ripened Mango end up losing 15% to 20% of its original weight.

Replacement Policy : 

Applicable only for Retail Purchase (1 or 2 dozen)

In a pack of 1 dozen, if ‘X’ number of Mangos are fully rotten from inside, then X-2 mangos will be replaced in the next order.